Should I Remove a Tree Stump?

When you decide to remove a tree, you would also be leaving some stumps in your area. and deciding want to remove these storms can be a difficult decision to do. this is because there are both advantages and disadvantages that even experts will agree on. So, if you are deciding to remove a tree stump, this is the best article to read.  

There are a lot of services such as tree stump removal Melbourne but offer the best removal service in town. However, you also need to big part of their responsibility in decision making. Perhaps, you want to remove the stumps to the extent that you also remove the roots, or you want to remove the stump without removing the remaining roots. Removing stumps includes this decision-making.  

Certainly, there are known advantages when you remove a stump from your property. But there are also several things that you need to take into consideration, which include the landscape of your area, aesthetics of your house, safety of your loved ones, and the health of the existing flora.   

If you see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it is time for you to call an arborist.   

Why is tree stump removal sometimes necessary?  

The first reason is stumps can negatively affect your landscape and its aesthetics. a lot of landscapers and even homeowners would always decide to remove the stump because they do not do good in their landscape and may even affect the curb appeal of the property. they also take some spaces that can be used for planting certain plants or trees.   

Another reason for removing a tree stump is that the roots may cause damage to your sewage lines or your pipes. although this does not usually happen, roots can still be damaging. These roots can also absorb water from the pipes and may even grow deeper and taller, which makes them more damaging.  

The third reason for stump removal is that stumps can attract different insects and pests when they decay. Termites, ants, beetles, and other wood-boring species may not just infect these decaying tree stumps, but also other healthy trees as well. When you notice your stump getting an infection from these pests and insects, it is necessary that you immediately call a professional arborist to remove them and avoid further infection and damage.   

Some of these decaying stumps can produce fungi that will also affect your other plants and trees that are healthy.   

Stamps can also pose danger to your children and pets. if you have children who usually play in the yard, they may trip over a stump in the area. Moreover, if you have stumped outside your property, they may also cause other children to trip over which can lead to a lawsuit. No one wants to have another headache.   

The last reason why you need to remove your stump is the growing roots may continue to grow and may damage the foundation of your home or your sidewalks.   


Those are very reasons why you need to remove your storm immediately and avoid further damage costs. Just make sure that you call a professional arborist or a professional company in your town to ensure equality surface.  

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